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debbie russellThank you for visiting Dandelions Boutique! I have a Passion for fashion! To say I’m obsessed is an understatement! I’ve always been “that girl” the one who has everything in EVERY color! I LOVE EVERYTHING. I pride myself in looking for unique, fun, fashionable, fabulous pieces at great prices all while providing impeccable customer service! If I love something I will tell the world where, when & how much I paid for it. Apparently, I’m a “sharer.” Sometimes I just need to remind myself to just say, “thank you” but I just cannot HELP MYSELF. I just get so excited! I feel like everyone should rush right out, grab it too and LOVE it as much as I do!

I have been talking for years about opening up my own boutique. My kids would just roll their eyes and say, “Okay mom, right, whatever.” One weekend last summer, a couple I met while shopping (shocker) at their booth at a vendor show sat me down and said, “You should do this. You would be great. We just had 3 customers buy everything you put together.” If you’ve ever had an ‘aha’ moment well this was it for me. I have no idea why but for some reason it just clicked. If these total strangers saw something in me enough to sit me down, well then, maybe I REALLY COULD DO IT?!

So what’s a girl to do then? Well I called my best friend, the smartest person I know, my word of reason: MY SISTER and said, “I’m going to DO THIS! I am going to take the plunge and go for it!” Little did I know that this idea would be SO MUCH WORK (it’s all in the details) but I found myself truly excited, truly terrified but yet completely vested and determined to see my dream come true. Fashion is something I hold near and dear to my heart, it shows personality, it shows mood, it WOWs. I take tremendous pride in picking out every item, packaging it and sending it off to its new owner!

When looking for clothing there has to be something special about the item—something that just catches my eye. It could be in a little detail of a blouse or just the color because I LOVE color—lots and lots of bright colors! I love great “STAPLE” pieces that every closet should have! I like dresses and especially dresses with pockets. I love accessories, accessories galore. The more the merrier but yet I still have those days when I just want to be CLASSIC so of course, we have those items too! We have fun, fashionable, affordable clothing that looks FABULOUS and we hope you love it as much as we do!

So remember the days when you would close your eyes and “make a wish” on a Dandelion? Well here’s to my wish coming true! We are so happy you have visited us here at Dandelions Boutique and hope you will visit again soon!

Stay fabulous,


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